Thursday, May 20, 2010

Doomed - the ocean is waarming

Caught this today... they're still banging the drum.

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: John Lyman says oceanic warming is in the order of 0.16 of a degree Celsius. He says that might not sound like much but it's actually very significant.

JOHN LYMAN: Five-hundred 100-watt light bulbs per person on earth burning continuously - that would be the trend we've seen over the last 16 years just being sucked up by the ocean.

But I like to think of it in units of bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and that would be over about 16 years two billion of those bombs. So it's a heroic job the ocean does sucking up that signal at the top of the atmosphere.

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: Susan Wijffels says oceanic warming could have a significant impact, especially for Australia.

SUSAN WIJFFELS: If we continue to emit at those very high levels there are a lot of very serious implications for our environment - potentially quite large sea level rise part of which is driven by ocean warming and the expansion of the ocean due to that warming; but also for the marine environment such as coral reefs.

So if we continue to emit at these very high levels we can expect into the next few decades fairly serious consequences.
Although they get close to the facts and admission of the truth at the end of the item...

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: John Lyman says the study can't explain why the increase in warming seems to have slowed in recent years.

He says it may be due to new equipment but it could also be a natural fluctuation within the warming trend.
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Carpe Jugulum said...

Dooooooooomed, we are dooooomed.

Curse you manbearpig!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, except the Argos project's data does not support this at all - the oceans are cooling slightly.


kae said...

I know Carpe!

MarkL, there are way too many people who seem to have not learnt any earth science in primary school (like I did), about the climate changing naturally, even in the time of man, explaining how this is known because of geology, fossils, and early records of what was grown around the world in different countries.

kae said...

Sixty, huh?

stackja1945 said...

The oceanic warming is caused by that Icelandic spurt.

Merilyn said...

Ha, they are not going to give up without a fight, they stand to lose to much, [money, credibilty and face].

Mehaul said...

If the media stopped duping the public by using PR sent in from the scientific worlds as a form of credible journalism, we might not have this diminishing respect for many things scientific. Hopefully we have all learnt from the failure of the East Anglia scientists.

It might also stop Krudd from commencing many of his defensive sentences with 'based on expert opinion...'

Egg said...

The tards are linking human *atmospheric CO2* emissions to Ocean temp, FFS? Desperation setting in?

Kaboom said...


You are no doubt aware that "data" is a noun plural, and that you should have said:

"the Argos project's data do not support this at all...."

Cheers, Kaboom.
(Part-time Grammar Nazi)