Thursday, May 6, 2010

Driving investment out of Australia, "political will", the ozone hole & AGW/CC

On ABC AM this morning an interesting interview with a conservative Canadian MP, Brad Trost, who says that Australia's proposed super profits tax will benefit Canada.

From The Australian's Business section an article which shows what this plan has already done for business confidence in the mining and exploration industry. (H/T Wand.)

Tony Abbott will use the Minerals Tax as an election issue.

Oh, and it's the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the ozone hole, and they're calling for more action on AGW/CC. Hoping for some disaster to prove AGW so that there will be panic and action... he calls it political will.

DAVID MARK: That in turn led to the Montreal Protocol that was signed in 1987. As you said that happened relatively easily. It's the exact opposite in terms of trying to come up with some kind of international treaty to stop greenhouse gases. Does your experience with chlorofluorocarbons give you any hope that a solution can be found?

JONATHAN SHANKLIN: It's quite clear that once the political will is there a solution can be found. I think the key thing is getting that political will in place. And sadly I fear that what it will take is a disaster that swings public opinion towards making changes.

Now exactly what that disaster might be, I have no idea. I hope it doesn't occur. I hope that the politicians will sign up to a binding and lasting international treaty because that would be the best solution for the present and for the future generations.
The more things change the more they stay the same.

Yesterday's AM program was mostly concentrated on the Mining Supertax.


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

The more things change the more they stay the same, indeed. Recently it was discovered that the replacement gases for CFC's were worse, about 100 times worse than CO2 as a green house gas,o whoa and alas. The call now is to use the original, but once banned CO2 and ammonia [ made from chook shit]
It would also be noted that the production of ozone in the upper atmosphere is entirely due to the sun cycles, sometimes more sometimes less.
The chicken littles can have their five minutes of fame, but if you live long enough to see history unfold, history often places them in the annuls of ignominity.
Many of the current movers and shakers of this world [ little kevvie included] will not be regarded well in the history books if written by honest brokers.
That is another story entirely about revisionist fairy tale historians, that are multiplying of late.

Regards Wayne.

kae said...

Kevin who?

(tee hee)

Minicapt said...

If it's good for Canada, then I quite like it.


kae said...

That's a bit cheeky, Mini!

kae said...

That's a bit cheeky, Mini!

kae said...