Thursday, May 13, 2010

A psychologist speaks out on the bleeding obvious

Well, I've realised a lot of what he's saying and I'm just a layperson.

The first paragraph:
February 27th 2008. On a cold and windy Wednesday (for cyclists like myself), I took a deep breath, grabbed the microphone and did something that changed my life. In front of the Copenhagen Mayor’s Integration and Social Services Office there were gathered several journalists, a faithful Muslim musician from the famous MTV-band ‘Outlandish,’ dozens of Imams and Muslim spokesmen and a couple of hundred social workers with Muslim and Danish backgrounds. I began to say what everybody already knew, but, what nobody either wanted or dared to say: that those who are referred to as foreign criminals, religious extremists, or terrorists in the making and who are the cause of lawless parallel societies (what the conference "Diversity and Safety in the City" was about) are all Muslim. I argued that we should stop talking about "criminal foreigners" and start using the more precise term, "criminal Muslims." As a psychologist, having had more than a hundred Muslim clients, I told them that politicians and professional social workers need to understand the cultural and religious backgrounds of criminal foreigners. That is, if we want to come up with, at least, somewhat effective and targeted plans on how to reduce the social unrest, anti-democratic religious movements, the violent and anti-social forces among foreigners.
This is why I believe that integration of these people is impossible and immigration should be stopped. It is a totally different psychology to the west and it is completely incompatible with our way of life.

(thanks to boy)


Another paragraph:
Unfortunately, most journalists and media people use the term “honor” when describing cases of violence where the offender makes excuses for himself by stating that his honor was offended. Since the concept of honor is completely integrated in the social rules of Muslim culture, it is seen to be justifiable when honor is threatened. This extends to beating or killing women who want to claim such basic human rights as to choose, for themselves, their own sexual partners. By using this term, as used by the offender, the media automatically takes the perspective of a clearly psychopathic and narcissistic excuse for treating other people badly. Instead, we should take our own Western culture as a basis when describing such crimes. Terms like “family execution," “childish jealousy,” “control maniac” or “insecure” would be much closer to our cultural understanding of such behavior.
I will keep reading as I can...


stackja1945 said...

kae, an excuse, not a reason, but of course, the usual suspects continue to help them.

kae said...

Hi stacks
Did you read what the psychologist wrote?
It is true. It's not an excuse, but a good reason to see that this "religion" is incompatible with our society, and always will be.
It points out why what we do is seen as week, when it's normal for us to be compassionate.

This writer is not making excuses, he is pointing out most unpolitically correctly WHY integration is impossible, and why immigration should be stopped, and he also has a few solutions, which include deportation.

stackja1945 said...

kae, I did not mean the writer but the "usual suspects" they are the problem here, they excuse anything. The "religion" is now mostly made up poor excuses for bad behaviour.

kae said...

Stacks, sorry if I was prickly.
The thing is they're not excuses, they don't excuse anything. It's their mindset.

It's the useful idiots who excuse this unacceptable mindset of blaming everyone else but self for failings which are not acceptable from people in our society.

If someone is brought up in the mindset of islam, as evidenced by the study of this psychologist, then they don't see anything at all wrong with how they behave (like spoilt petulant children, and bullies).

People don't understand that western compassion and charity is seen by these barbarians as weakness to be exploited.

Someone who is brainwashed like this will never change.

That's why in islam apostasy is punishable by death, can't have any free thinkers out there spreading the truth and undermining the teachings. Particularly with the infidels.

Wand said...

An excellent article Kae.

kae said...

Boy on a Bike flicked it to me today.

Sums the whole thing up nicely, much better than I could.

I wonder who will accuse the writer of being a bigot?

Mr. Bingley said...

Or take out a fatwa on him...

stackja1945 said...

kae, were you prickly? Not a worry.
Earlier history tells us:
'Japanese military leaders had adopted the ancient samurai ethos of Bushido to develop a military code that engendered what two scholars have described as "a range of mental attitudes that bordered on psychopathy," including the notion of "surrender as the ultimate dishonor, a belief whose corollary was total contempt for the captive."'
'The Germans lacked the "Bushido" tradition, commented the Japanese press. Now, the imperial armed forces pleaded for the chance to "find life in death ... .. If we are prepared to sacrifice 20,000,000 Japanese lives in a special attack [kamikaze] effort, victory shall be ours!"'

These types of people seem to be always recurring in history.

The article says:
"A popular movement composed of average citizens standing up against the immature and psychologically unhealthy culture of Islam is the way and the goal. Nothing is more important than that. "

Tobruk, El Alamein and Kokoda come to mind.

kae said...


"A popular movement composed of average citizens standing up against the immature and psychologically unhealthy culture of Islam is the way and the goal. Nothing is more important than that. "

I think ridicule is the way.

stackja1945 said...

ridicule? The MSM would not understand that.

kae said...

MSM, ridicule?

Too. Scared.

stackja1945 said...

MSM, too scarred?

Anonymous said...


kae said...

spam slammed

Wand said...

Some relevant links:

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Strange times indeed!

It's the first time I've been aware of Fouad Ajami - he has some interesting things to say.