Sunday, May 9, 2010

Queensland LNP begin their campaign

LNP State President, Bruce McIver, says many primary producers are concerned at an erosion of traditional infrastructure facilities and services which is having a substantial negative impact on the rural economy.

“Access to stock routes is under threat by the Labor Party which wants to introduce a user-pays permit system and also plans to restrict usage of tracts of land that have traditionally formed part of the long paddock. This is being done under the guise of environmental protection but there are many who see it as yet another of Labor’s devious deals to win Greens preferences for the next election, “Mr McIver said.

“A more immediate and damaging threat, however, is the slow strangulation of Queensland Rail services for transporting livestock and other agricultural produce. The Bligh government is under attack even from its own union base on this issue but as we see right across the state Labor’s mismanagement of infrastructure is appalling.”

Yet the cultural heritage aspects of the drive are just as important with the Liberal National Party determined that the pioneering tradition of droving should be preserved as an iconic part of the Queensland way of life.

Mr McIver said: “There is little appreciation among many Queenslanders as to just how big a role the Great Dividing Range plays in separating the inland from the coast. These two quite divergent communities share many different opportunities and difficulties and the LNP wants to create greater understanding of each other’s lifestyles. “If Queensland’s economy is to be restored to its former vibrancy and national leadership position, we must provide proper support to the many sectors that contribute to our way of life. Whilst the mining and gas sectors are vitally important to our state’s economy, Labor in their manic pursuit of a quick dollar from these industries, are sacrificing the agricultural and livestock industries.

“What is needed is to involve all Queenslanders in a positive debate about our future prospects. The LNP will start this dialogue through the Queensland Heritage Cattle Drive and ensure all voices are heard”.
Here's the site. It's interesting, and I hope they do raise awareness. Here's the route.

The ALP in Qld has closed many of the branch rail lines, saying they were not profitable, but they used shonky means to work out which lines were profitable and which were not.


Carpe Jugulum said...

So is Anna Bliar trying to make Qld a bigger economic wreck than NSW.

Merilyn said...

Think Anna has already done that Carpe!