Sunday, June 20, 2010

60 Minutes now

Kevin Rudd is asking Tara Brown the usual questions...
... but you know something....?

Can I just say....

What a joke.

Oh, and she tells us he steered us through the GFC... WTF?

Transcript will be good.

LOL, even his dog hates him. (wouldn't come to him when called)

Update II:
Kev got quite prickly with some of Tara's questions.


Anonymous said...

agreed!! Didn't know whether to laugh or what when his dog rejected him too.

Wand said...

Kev got quite prickly with some of Tara's questions. Ah ha - so it may be worth watching after all. I couldn't stomach the thought of watching, particularly when I saw the ads for the program.

But now I just might watch it on line. At least I can fast forward over anything that really grates! Thanks for the review Kae - you have shown great fortitude in submitting yourself to such possible torture (of language, people and anything else that doesn't fit his narrative).

Merilyn said...

Kae you really are a "glutton" for punishment, but your review is good.
Loved the bit about the dog!
Afraid, we [husband and I] simply can't stand Rudd, and we turn to other channels as soon as we see his face!
Hmmm, was interested in what you said about his wife too, very good observation.

Merilyn said...

Have now read the transcript.....Oh dear!

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

I would believe the dog and not his Mr's about Kev's nature.

ozanna said...

That's because the poor dog gets shipped back and forth between the Krudds homes in Sydney and Canberra and is cared for more by his staff than the very busy Krudd family. Not sure if the dog gets shipped to QLD too.