Monday, June 14, 2010

Blast and damn!

Me, just before dark: I'll bring in some firewood tomorrow morning... (put it under shelter)

It's raining now. The forecast didn't say any rain.

And we're all warming to hell.

Good thing I have my fire (and put some wood under the carport last week!)

Wayne mentioned snow in comments... I am familiar with snow... from a very long time ago! 1984 I think.


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

I thought you lived where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next. What is this nonsense about releasing sequested CO2 from wood. In Victoria we are basking in the radiant glow of man made warming.

But, a very good start to the ski season, and bloody cold.

Minicapt said...

Mt Washington, current conditions:

Real Snow.


Mr. Bingley said...

We had a decent amount of snow this year...

Looks like you were having fun o the slopes! I think 1984 was about the last time I skied too.

Anonymous said...

Hi kae,

Saw your post yesterday about firewood and as I was driving past a wood yard I noticed a display showing the different wood densities.

Didn't get all of them but the best seemed to be "Red ironbark" with 1130 Kg/m3 and the worst "messmate" at 780 Kg/m3.

I think red gum came in third at about a 900 Kg / cubic metre.

Pays to check what you buy!
I'm sure, if interested you can check it on the net.

File it under "an other useless info"


kae said...

Hi Mini
Whadday mean REAL snow? HuH? That stuff was real snow. At Mt Selwyn before it was a real ski place!! All there was was a rope lift and dunnies! And I was there with the LOML (well, unfortunately, I wasn't the LOHL. *sigh* Only took me 28 years and marriage to someone else - wrong someone else - to realise that it was all one-sided...) Nevermind.

Mr Bingles
That's a gorgeous snow pic. Definitely a Christmas postcard one. I think I prefer the climate in Aus, you can get to the snow in winter if you want to, or you can go somewhere nice and warm. Whatever suits your fancy!

When the house was built there were a few trees cut down. These were ironbarks. I burnt the last of those trees about four years ago - the house was built sixteen years ago, I've been buying firewood since then. Used to split my own! Anyhoo, most of the wood I've bought has been good ironbark, burns slowly and hot. I've been lucky with most of the firewood purchases I've made, mostly ironbark. One bloke used to sell it to me for $70 a trailer load. No delivery. He got it from an exposed "forest" at the bottom of a dam/lake. Good stuff. He gave up the wood, too ill. Had to find a new bloke. A mate of a mate... $90/trailer load. Did me last winter (not too cold), and this winter so far... I'll have to buy some more real soon... like this pay!
The bad thing is that the people who put up the $1600 fence for me and the ex didn't use ironbark, they used some crap that the termites are eating. Bastards - fencebuilders AND the termites.

Mr. Bingley said...

Lots of cold and snow does have one great benefit: perfect shiraz drinking conditions!

kae said...

Can you get this there?

It's inexpensive here and really good plonk.

(Don't tell Tim Blair I said that, but it is good stuff, the Cab Sav is great! Can't tell you about the white, I don't drink the stuff.)

kae said...

Lots of cold and snow is good with the fire, the red, and someone to cuddle!

Two out of three ain't bad...

(who am I kidding!)

kae said...

I don't drink wine with food.

Ruins good wine, ruins good food.

Mr. Bingley said...

We can get those here; they are pretty yum.

And as an added bonus the Aussie wines are very reasonably priced vis the Californians, so I drink them fairly often.

And I also like how the shiraz, which I generally prefer to cabs, usually have 14+ alcohol content, so I sleep very well... :)