Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Call off the search

Mum phoned the other day, Sunday, the day AFTER I'd been to the shop which stocked what she needed, and asked me if I could look for two of the Aldi wooden teasets for little girls. Her work colleage has twin granddaughters and she wanted them for the girls, but all the shops in Sydney that she visited had sold out.

I said I'd try.

Coming home from the city yesterday I called into three Aldi's and in the second one and found one teaset. A pink one. I phoned Mum immediately as the Brother and SIL were travelling home from Sydney to Gold Coast doing an Aldi crawl, looking for the things they wanted and the teasets.

I figured that I'd get two teasets if I could no matter what colour they were - I'm sure they could change them with transfers to identify each girl's set.

Today I checked the local Aldi at lunchtime and YIPPEE! Epic Win! They had a blue one.

I phoned Mum and SIL and said "Call off the search!"

Then, to top off this small victory of the suburban shopper, I returned to work and, with a bit of help from the relevant academics (and other staff), managed to get two PG applications in to the main grad school and ready to offer conditional offers to the international students to assist them to apply for whichever scholarships they were hoping to get.

The deadline dates for the scholarships is tomorrow.

What a day!


Anonymous said...

Wooden tea sets? Can you post or link to a picture? Sounds like something my Pixie might enjoy?

Minicapt said...



kae said...

Thanks Minicapt, that's good detective work!
PS I'm flat out at work uploading exams for two days...

WV: hemosesh
A vampire drinking session.

Minicapt said...

I continue to surpass adequacy ...