Sunday, June 6, 2010

Channel 7 now - Ben Cropp around Sydney Harbour

It's not programmed.

Sydney Harbour with Ben Cropp, he's taking us around Sydney Harbour and the heads. He's shown us the little single room homes on the cliffs at Crater Cove... the people were evicted.

There are penguins in Sydney Harbour! On some of the little coves. Even at Manly wharf. Would have been better off seeing them in Sydney Harbour or Manly Wharf instead of freezing my tits off at Phillip Island at the penguin parade.

These penguins are in Sydney! Never knew that!

Update II:
North head artillery tunnels... Mum and Dad had a friend years ago who was a Major in the army and based at North Head. We visited one day and his kids, my brother and I went for a walk around North Head. I think Dad's mate took us to the tunnels for a look. But it was so long ago I don't remember much about it.

Update III:
The Tank Stream.

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