Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pat Condell comments on construction in NY.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.

Sorry to say it kae, but I think he is right.
The muslims read Americans better than the Americans do themselves.


Wand said...

Glad you posted this up. Pat is spot on with what he says. This video deserves maximum publicity.

It is important to recognise Islam for what it is and that its adherents do no think the same way that we in the West think. They have entirely different 'values' which to them may even be rational - much like a student I met many years ago. He was a Palestinian in an engineering masters degree course, over here on a visa, who was asking for permanent residency here in Oz or in the US where he had an uncle. If he was unsuccessful with residency, he was going to return to Palestine and become a guerrilla fighter! One evening all this was discussed at great length by our class and it was apparent that this student was 'sincere' in his beliefs and intentions. With many years hindsight, I'd say his profile would have been the same as the 9/11 bombers. Islam is incompatible with western democracy in pretty well every aspect.

Merilyn said...

Thanks for that Kae, have been thinking much the same as Pat Condell, that this was simply "standing on their graves".
Can't believe that anyone in America would let this building go ahead.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

This is a total affront to all things decent in our world. One can only hope that the long suffering silent majority will rise up and say no, to the politically correct politicians. If not I am quite confident that I am not the only one that understands that concrete is not always a reliable building product. OOPS

Anonymous said...

Oops indeed, Wayne. Before, during or after will be just fine.


Wand said...

Here's another vidoe that is worth watching.