Monday, June 28, 2010

Q&A 280610

I taped it.
Maybe it was worth watching? I'll know later in the week.

Tonight's panellists
Bill Shorten - Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children's Services
Barnaby Joyce - National Party Senator
Magda Szubanski - Actress and Comedian
Harold Mitchell - Advertising Mogul and Philanthropist
Janet Albrechtsen - opinion columnist
Christine Wallace - journalist and commentator.

The short cartoon at the end was particularly funny. Transcript should arrive here tomorrow?

I'm curious as to what was being thrown at the host at the end of the program!

Here's the link...

And look at next week's guests... what is happening?

Coming Up
Tony Burke - Minister for Sustainable Population
George Brandis - Queensland Liberal Senator
Annabel Crabb - Political Commentator
Cheryl Kernot - Former leader Australian Democrats
Graeme Morris - former chief of staff to John Howard

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Patrick Carroll said...

Anything with JANET Albrechtsen has got to be worth a look.