Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Six degrees of seperation?

In the local rag:

Mining exec will be sadly missed.

Members of Laidley's two ex-service groups, the RSL Sub-Branch and Vietnam Veterans' Federation are mourning the death of benefactor Ken Talbot.

Mr Talbot and other Australian mining executives died in a plane crash in Africa over the weekend.
Laidley RSL president Mike Nowlan said Mr Talbot was the main supporter of the two groups' combined charity project, the Landmine Museum and Orphanage Cambodia.

"Ken, through his recently formed Talbot Group, was generous in the extreme in his support for community groups such as the orphanage," Mr Nowlan said.

"The Talbot family has committed more than $4 million to these causes on the past, and they are the mainstay for our Cambodian project."

Vietnam Veterans' Federation president Graham Allan said that Ken Talbot had been a dedicated Vietnam veterans' supporter.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Ken Talbot had started up a brisbane equivalent of the Choir of Hard Knocks which was started in Melbourne. If I didn't, I meant to*.

See them here. Hear them here (these are the Melbourne original Choir of Hard Knocks).

*Been a bit busy at work, computer went funny last night and my shoulder has been awful for two months.

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Merilyn said...

Kae when are you due for some leave? You may need a bit of time off to deal with your shoulder. Hang in there you have a very good blog.