Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, Gillard gets in, there's an announcement on the mining tax...

Who are they going to gouge next for their squillion dollar debt?

Update: 9:38
It's Gillard.

Historic! They say.

Meh, I wonder if she'll be PM after the next election which may be the true test...

There's also a lot of questioning why this "suddenly" happened. Well, Rudd was toast as far as many people were concerned, they'd woken up to the lies and spin (I hope), so they had to do something before the end of this parliamentary session.

I hope that those who woke up to the lies and spin have realised that the ALP is all lies and spin, and I hope that the change of leader won't save them.


ABC talk with people who know Kevin, who they say will be devastated by the numbers, which is why he withdrew.

A work colleague who is of the right I believe said that Gillard will be formidable against Abbott because so many women don't like Abbott... HUH? Why? Is it the spin by the media? Is it the vendetta against Hanson? What is it? Please explain...

The work colleague said Abbott has brought it upon himself.


Anonymous said...

Sad day kae, and I blame A Bolt and the media for it.

The chances of the coalition to get in, diminished by at least 39.74%.

Abbott is scared stiff of attacking Jooolia the way he would be attacking a male opponent.

The only saving grace is that many of the talk-back callers this morning were aware of her complicity in creating the mess the labor party and us are is in.


stackja1945 said...

Don't let Julia fool ya.

Carpe Jugulum said...

and Tanner has pulled the pin this afternoon.

Merilyn said...

I like Abbott, there is no way that I would vote for Julia, she has to much baggage,

Patrick Carroll said...

GILLARD is a very clever and dangerous Politician but she is a Socialist and will ultimately destroy this country. She will be a two term Prime Minister at the very least I'm afraid to say.

Anonymous said...

I saw few minutes of T Abbott criticising the labor party for dumping Rudd the way they did.

I have to agree with him, I intensely dislike the man but as Abbott said, he was elected PM by the people and should only be removed by the people.

I'm not saying this only because with Rudd a the helm of the ALP the coalition would have romped in.