Saturday, July 10, 2010

If you reckon your hormones are haywire through puberty

Wait until menopause.

You ain't seen nothin' yet!


wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

It has been my fortune to live with a woman with a severe lunar cycle. She went from princess to devil in two seconds, but only for about five days. 24/7 would have destroyed me. I hope you can stay princess through this ordeal.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't take it - hot flashes every 41 minutes for WEEKS had me depressed and angry and ready to end it all. I could tell 30 minutes after my first HRT that it could be different. They will pry those little pills from my cold dead fingers.

I'm a FIRM believer in "better living through chemistry!"

kae said...


I've never had PMT... I've had it easy all my life, just a bit of pain. And I think the menopause is happening by the hairs on my chi, um yeah. I spoke about it before.

I think I'm through it.

I don't think I've ever had one hot flush related to it ever... though sometimes I need to ask those near me if it's hot or if it's me, usually it's hot (OK, it's never me).

My ex MIL had a horrible time at my age. She would drip with perspiration and needed to carry a handtowel to mop up.

Anonymous said...

I've had the steaming hot flushes (not flashes - that's an American thing), night sweats etc for going on 23 years.
For years my doc lectured me about getting off HRT. I gave in about 18 months ago and stopped taking them. Wish I hadn't. Only in the last couple of months have the symptoms started to ease. No fun at all. I'm with prairiecat55kc "better living through chemistry". Brilliant.


Merilyn said...

Never had that problem, but feel for those that do. [Op when I was 29 put paid to that].