Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Pallywood magic!

Visit Richard Sharpe's blog. These bombs the Israelis use are amazing... like the ambulance rockets.

Mr Sharpe, how long before we can have a drink? I mean the Brisbane contingent of the Blairspawn (and those who blogged before the spawning)?


Richard Sharpe said...

That's going to be a little difficult kae. Her Majesty has decided that I should continue to serve at Her pleasure in Her state of Victoria. I hate it down here. It is cold and well, just full of Victorians. My posting to Brisbane was short lived. The Army gave me a choice between where I am now and to my alma mater at RMC Duntroon. So great is my loathing of Canberra and all who sail in her, that I bit the bullet and took the posting to Victoria, and am waiting out my tenure to return north of the Tweed once more.

kae said...

So, what's the good news?

How long are postings these days?

Any little Sharpes or Sharpettes planned?

Feel free to ignore this question!

Richard Sharpe said...

The good news is that there’s an end to it. I’ll be out of here at the end of next year, on promotion if all goes well.

Mrs Sharpe is Victorian, so she is trying to spin the positives despite the fact that going outside means donning arctic grade clothing. She had been pestering me for a southern gig for a while, so this covers it.
There are no immediate plans for further offspring. Mrs Sharpe intends to make full use of the proximity of wineries and snowfields, both activities that would be precluded by pregnancy. There is a notion that another little Sharpe will be on the cards, but I think it might have to wait until next year. At present a soon-to-be three year old Sharpe Jr is keeping us fully occupied.

kae said...

I supposse for Mrs S freezing the family bits off is overridden by the prospect of nearby family ties.

I don't know if I could live in Sydney again, let alone Melbourne... 1990-1992 was long enough in Melb, and 1958-1986 was my time in Sydney - and I think it'd be too cold now. Though it's getting a bit cold up here!

Stay in touch! Don't be a stranger... well, no stranger than normal.

Oh, is Master Sharpe as cute as he was as a wallet size tyke?

SezaGeoff said...

Heh - stop picking on Victoria, you lot. At least we didn't vote our premier in (is that a good thing?)
Where are you Richard? At the Victoria Barracks?