Sunday, August 8, 2010

New number for Police in Queensland for non-urgent calls

About time!

If you are travelling along the highway and find a dangerous situation, for example horses running along the highway or a swaying, bouncing, weaving, overloaded trailer, or a truck leaking yellow fumes which take your breath away (that was a 000 call!), it is hard to know the number to call - particularly when there is danger, but it's not urgent enough to phone 000.

Now, like all other states except Victoria, we have the single number to call for police. Policelink number is 131 444. This is for non life-threatening calls to police.


Minicapt said...

Doesn't work in Canada, needs another number ...


Anonymous said...

We've had that number for quite a while in WA.

I was surprised last year when helping a friend deal with a family crisis that was happening in the Northern Territory, I looked up the number for Darwin police and found it was 131-444. All I had to do was ask to be put through to Darwin. Magic!