Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 Weddings

There's a "reality" tv programme on at the moment called 4 Weddings. In the programme 4 brides rate eachother's weddings.

The brides grade four aspects of the wedding.


From the editing of the soundbites the program paints them as self-centred and snakey and I have come to the conclusion that all these women are snarky bitches. They whinge about aspects of the weddings of the other brides. Complaining about parts of the wedding which they don't see as being "traditional", or fitting in with what they like. Moaning about the length of the ceremony or the content or conduct of the ceremony. Saying they're bored and didn't have a good time at the wedding.

Perhaps if they had a connection with the person getting married and knew some of the guests, and if they bothered, maybe they'd find that it was a "good wedding" and fun.

Meh, it's only a television show.

Anyhow, so you can have a laugh on me!



Mr. Bingley said...

Looks lovely to me, m'dear!

kae said...

Yeah, shame I picked the wrong bloke. (Or did he pick me?)

Merilyn said...

That is a beautiful wedding gown Kae, love the flowers, and you made a beautiful bride.

Anonymous said...

shame I picked the wrong bloke.

You must have known kae, your face says it all.

Almost as if Thinking, what the hell am I doing here?

You look stunning but!


kae said...

Nanna picked out the dress, she said it would look good - it was nothing on the hanger.
No, the look is because I was being told to look at the flowers and look at the camera - I quipped "Who do you think I am? Barbra Streisand?"

He groom expressed his feelings on the Thursday before the wedding. He was unfamiliar with Sydney and had a bit of a fit about not being able to help by going out to the airport to pick up friends and family as he didn't know the way - he's from North Qld. He said "... may as well call the whole thing off..." Silly me, I talked him back into it.

Merilyn said...

Good pick Nana! Often the way the dress looks better on, then when viewed on a hanger.
P.S. did all go well today?

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Kae, I contemplated your countenance for some time, trying to understand your expression. Then I re read your caption, have a laugh at me. The last thing that would cross my mind is to laugh at a woman looking at me with that expression. I would fear for my life.Nice dress, good looking shiela, but one not to taken lightly.
Happy birthday Princess. Wayne

Egg said...

Noice! :)

Anonymous said...

YOU look stunning, as did my daughter at HER wedding.

I wore jeans and track shoes and a white shirt with fake pearl buttons.
Judge's chambers at 3:30 in the afternoon, took the ol man back to barracks at 4:30am, didn't see him again till the following Tuesday.

cav said...

Just wanted to say that I LMFAO...

I hope this makes you feel better

Paco said...

Crikey! Is that Rhonda Flemming?