Monday, October 11, 2010

"Act of low bastardry"

It was.

Now Tony Abbott's in trouble for using bad language. Do these idiots know what bad language is?

I remember years ago attending a meeting. A plan of action was discussed, but we knew that there was at least one person who would disagree just to be disagreeable and not make things flow. It was a good plan/approach, but I said "I don't know how that will go with X, you know how bloody-minded X is."

Someone in the meeting immediately berated me for using "bad language".

Judging by the charming language and abuse seen on some left-wing/alp supporting blogs I'm surprised that any abusive or bad language is even noticed by most of these people.


Carpe Jugulum said...

All things considered, i think TA was quite measured in his language.

Me, i would have fronted vuvuzela and accused her of being a serial liar.

Merilyn said...

Bad language? By todays standards? No don't think so, and he was right in what he said.
ninemsm has a poll worth looking at today.......[yeah I know Kae, there she goes again,] but for once it is a good poll.

1735099 said...

Both Abbott and Gillard are playing politics with the “bipartisan” policy on Afghanistan. They both travelled there for the photo ops. If either or both were fair dinkum they’d travel together without media, and keep out of the diggers’ hair. I’m sure the Oz task force have better things to do than provide security for visiting pollies.
Gillard looked uncomfortable, and Abbott reminded me of visiting CMF personnel back in 1970 who visited us for the yippee shoots and the medals.
They turn serving soldiers into political collateral to be traded by the media.

Minicapt said...

By No 17 guy's measured response, I can conclude that the Parliamentary leader of the Labor Party of Australia is really OTFL in a big way. Thanks for the confirmation, oh little one.


stackja1945 said...

Regarding language:
Just found a song and lyrics
"Remember Pearl Harbor, when you sight down the barrel of your gun
Remember Pearl Harbor, never stop, 'til you drop every one
Give'em bomb for bomb, give'em shell for shell
Kill a hundred rats for every boy that fell
Remember Pearl Harbor, wipe the Jap from the map, give'em hell
............Remember how we used to call them our "little brown brothers?"
What a laugh that turned out to be
Well, we can all thank God that we're not related
To that yellow scum of the sea
They talked of peace, and of friendship
We found out just what all that talk was worth
All right, they've asked for it, and now they're going to get it
We'll blow every one of them right off of the face of the Earth"

1735099 said...

It doesn't scan....