Saturday, October 23, 2010

My experiment

The sheer curtain on the bedroom window is grotty from the open window. I've bitten the bullet and taken it down and put it through the washing machine.

Now I wait and see whether the dirt is all that was holding it together!

Note: It appears that it isn't, the curtain is washed but still grey, I think it's mouldy, so I will need to soak it in some oxygen bleach to see if that does the trick!


There are ten windows in my house left which need to have their sheer curtains washed. The family room corner window has a sheer which is falling apart on the rail. I don't think I'll wash that one...


Minicapt said...

... and the "windows in your house *right* ...?"
... no club soda.


kae said...

Hi Mini
I popped them in some oxygen bleach yesterday and gave them a bit of a stir before I went to bed.
They appear to have turned their original gleaming white again - the water is putrid!
Hurrah for oxygen bleach/soaker!

Merilyn said...

Did you hang the curtains up while they were still damp Kae? It takes out any crinkles, it works out better then putting them on the clothes line. [Of course this is the lazy way, which is good].

Anonymous said...

Merilyn, that is NOT "lazy" - it's good common sense, using no electricity for drying or ironing. Time saver, too. Less work on this leaves more time for Fun With Floyd!

Merilyn said...

.......more time for Fun With Floyd!" True prairiecat true! Kae will have Fun with Floyd, and Meg, and mowing and slashing and ........

kae said...

Burning. Slashing and burning!

No. Gotta round the grass up (glyphosate).

And the curtains have come up lovely and white, only have to do the rest of them - I was crook (sick) on Sunday.

More later.

Merilyn said...

Kae are you still not feeling all that flash? Take the time to have a rest.