Monday, November 15, 2010


Regarding my post "Yikes" from yesterday.

I checked on Floyd and Meg at the kennel, they're behaving themselves.

Floyd didn't escape from the kennels... the fence on the exercise yard is 6 feet tall!

I'm certainly missing Floyd.

I really think it's so funny that as soon as I'd put the bottom sheet on the bed Floyd thought it was a signal for him to jump up, turn around, and lie down, Sphinx-like, looking at me... cheeky monster. I chased him off the bed and finished making it. He tried to get up on the bed a couple of times, just laying his paws and head on the bed, but I "noed" him and he got off. Told you he's smart!

No accidents in the house, but no definite indication that he needed to go outside to pee... whenever I took him out he wandered around marking all the territory out the front.

I slept lightly because I was listening for him to tinkle, both his collar medallion and the other tinkle.

I've phoned the slasher to do the back yard, just to get rid of the not so long grass down the back, but he can't slash until the end of the month. I'll have to do quite a bit of ride on mowing... and whipper snippering. I'll be mixing up some poison tomorrow, too, so I can spray tomorrow. Just gotta get the backpack sprayer on my back... a mere technicality.

Oh, gotta tell you, when Floyd stands up, he looks like a meerkat. He does it at the back door as he knows not to lean on the screen, but he was scared enough last night to lean on the screen. He was standing up on his back legs checking out the doggy in the mirror! He even kept going down to the main bathroom door crying and looking for the other puppy! By the time I had my shower he'd checked out that mirror and realised that there was no puppy, and eventually lay down on the floor waiting for me to finish in the shower.

He's such a good dog!

Today I remembered that I had defrosted a piece of steak for dinner last night... it was still in the microwave thisafternoon when I got home, and no dogs to feed it to. Sigh!

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