Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snakes n' roosters

Some idiots think that they need a rooster to make eggs. Others believe the old-wives-tale that fertilised hen eggs are more nutritious than unfertilised ones.

Well, yeah. Only if you eat the partly formed chicken fetus... really just before it hatches.

I wish the bloody snakes would eat the noisy thing.


Carpe Jugulum said...


A simple pickaxe handle will solve all your problems with the rooster.

C'mon a little creative thought is al you need........and some naked violence also helps (as in aggressive, not nude, mmmmkay) ;)

Merilyn said...

O/T I know but are Meg and Floyd back home?
Used to give the roosters away free from eggs placed under "broody" hens......believe they made a decent meal, kept the girls for the eggs.

kae said...

Too far away, 100 metres... maybe 110 plus a bit. And the only pickaxe handle I have is attached to the pick... that bastard's heavy!

The furry kids are still on holidays. I hope they are OK, behaving. It's rained and been to wet to do anything about the grass, so tomorrow is the day... and Sunday. I'll see how my shoulder goes. Must remember to take the drugs the night before and keep them up (just mersyndol or similar), so that I can do the job.

Glenn Mark Cassel said...


kae said...

No, ORPO1, I'd call it "gag".


I might go out and do some more snippering.