Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Venturing out today to find newspapers I found there were none available in town due to very wet weather and flooding, and apparently the papers "got wet". I travelled some distance to the nearest large two supermarket, thinking their supply of papers would have been safe from the deluge - only two Aussies and one local Toowoomba rag left.

While waiting with my loaf of bread and papers there was a child screaming and carrying on. The same child in a trolley was waiting in the queue for the express checkout I gather with Mum and Aunty. The kid was screaming because the big brother had a lolly that the kid wanted. The older boy was teasing the kid, the mother/aunty told the kid to give a bit of the lolly to the baby. The baby threw the bit on the ground. The older boy picked it up and ran off. Mum/aunty had stern words with him which included "f'kin little half-caste prick". The boy was nine or ten and I'm sure he'll develop into a charming young man with a mouth like his mother.

Perhaps there should be some compensation for the mistreatment of minorities (?!) by their "parents".

Apparently you're not allowed to smack them, but you can call them any names you like.


Anonymous said...

I was shocked to the point of comment one day a few years back when - during a long-distance telephone conversation with my sister - she screamed at her child (then a tweenager, IIRC) that if they didn't do as they were told she would beat the hell out of them. Flabbergasted, I said something, don't remember what, but it was taken as offensive and as an attempt on my part to "tell her how to raise her own kids. We're all in counselling and the counsellor says this is how I should be speaking to them." Counsellor also said spanking is a no-no. As is making them take their hat off in the house and speak respectfully to their elders.

Said child is now more of a sh*ta$$ than ever...no suprise there, of course.

As for the "minority reparations" this child might claim such since WonderMom went on to have another child with a father of a different stripe, and surely that makes this original obnoxious child even more of a victim than she's always been, eh?

Derek Sapphire said...

To be honest, I find the subtext of this post quite offensive. You seem to be implying that the child's guardians were themselves being "racist" because they employed derogatory racially oriented language.

This is typical of conservatives. They seem to think that minorities should be treated by the same standards that Anglos are. However, this "one standard, one standard for all" approach is deeply racist in itself, as anyone who truly understands the real power structures underlying society knows only too well.

kae said...


It's perfectly OK for a parent to abuse their child. This is teaching the child that it's fine to use racist language and bad language in any situation. This kid was only about 9 or 10.

Typical of conservatives?

I expect people to be civil, it is not right for a parent, any parent, to disparage and abuse their children, whether they are black or white, becasue that is child abuse - or don't you realise that? There are certain standards of society and there are also laws for all in Australia. If you make allowances for some because of race, well, that's racist.

But you can't see that. You want special rules for certain types of people.