Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three ages of man

First, you believe in Santa.
Second, you don't believe in Santa.
Third, you are Santa.

I think that's beautiful!


lyle said...

I've never heard that.

At first glance, it's cute. Second glance, profound.

Thanks, Kaelene.

Anonymous said...

And if you're the lyle we all know and love from Blair's place, YOU would know!

Using it, Kae, thank you!

Merilyn said...

Love it, well done Kae. Merry Xmas.

How are you, hope all is well?

Jim Clarke said...

Done them all!

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

I only ever got to do the grease and oil change on the sleigh so I missed out on the last two.

Anonymous said...

"Third, you are Santa" is the phase where I discovered (a couple of years back) your modern off the shelf Santa suit is designed for a 75 kilo new age metrosexual marathoner who has never had a decent feed in his life.

We had to launch a last minute search through the 60kg Goddess' wardrobe to find a pre post-modern wide black belt to augment the pithy little thing that came with the retailer's idea of how svelte a Santa should appear.

Mick Gold Coast QLD

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! It might be used with my little nine year old niece who seems to no longer believe. This is the first year she didn't send a letter. Although I do remember a few years ago, she rolled her eyes and pleadingly stating , "Pleeaase, Aunt Debbie. Santa isn't real." So sad. There is hope that she will embrace your philosophy later.

Merry Christmas! Now I have to go make cookies for the elves.

Deborah Leigh

Irobot said...

Thanks Kae. Been there, done that. Even though our youngest is 19, my wife and I still get a buzz playing Santa. The magic is still alive for us.

Our motto, If you don't believe, you don't recieve, was used to great effect as the older siblings gained an insight as to who Santa really was. It kept the mystery alive for the younger ones.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

kae said...

"He who believes receives..."

A family saying in my family, too.

I still believe, and santa, little, old, white-haired lady she's become, never lets me down.