Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aftermath - from the sublime

Water water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink...

The latest is that there is damage to the infrastructure which provides the Lockyer Valley residents who have town water.... so they've been asked not to use too much water as there is fear the water will run out.

There has been a press release from the local council to that effect.

And then I heard the Lord Mayor of Brisbane talking about the water situation, warning people not to use too much water because they might run out, and Bligh chiming in with the plan that should there be a shortage of water the Tugun desal plant can be brought online to provide fresh water...


I can understand that there might be damage to water infrastructure because of the flooding but it's just crazy! And you need to be able to use water to get rid of the river mud deposited through all your stuff, if you don't wash it as soon as possible the stink cannot be removed.


El Cid said...

Please remember dear Kae, that the really good thing concerning you is, that you are alive and well enough to type your views and opinions on the subject.

Dunno' anything about insurance in OZ, or Queensland specifically, but that's why the Big Boy upstairs had the foresight to have made insurance possible. ;)

Thoughts and prayers to all..

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

So god made insurance possible?
I thought it was the devil?

thoughts and wishes to you and all in qld kae.
Thanks for the updates.

Donate everybody please xxx

cheers and bless ya