Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Domestic stuff

1. Remember, don't pull start the mower when it's stopped in the gateway... avoids incurring large, painful elbow bruises when your elbow hits the gate. Owch!

2. Try not to run over things when using the ride-on, you can break it. Wire and bricks are the worst things to run over. *sigh*

3. Install snake repellers - Floyd's been a bit nervy lately, and today I checked at the back of the pergola and there is an ENORMOUS snake skin there (probably a python or a tree snake as some of the skin is caught in the top of the pergola). *tick*

4. Must assemble spare 40cm pedestal fan... old fan has died - motor goes, but blades won't turn. Need a philips head to undo the cage. I think it will be easier to just put the new one together. I really dislike "some assembly required" things. *tick* I reckon that thing'll blow me out of the bed! What a beast - and that's only on low!

5. Stormwater through shed has damaged some flat pack furniture which is yet to be assembled. I hope it's not growing.....

6. Colonoscopy booked for 10 Feb. Cardiologist booked for 10 Feb. *sigh*
Timing is hopeless. Colonoscopy in Toowoomba, cardiologist in Brisbane, can't do them both. I'm choosing Toowoomba for 10 Feb. Lucky me. Must reschedule cardiologist.

7. The hose out the back blew some time ago. A huge split in it. I've been bucketing the water from the laundry down to the dog's water buckets for months. I'm over it. I forgot to turn the tap off and since the hot water system has been replaced there's no pressure relief and the hose is the weakest point. The hose is only about eight years old... Couldn't find my multipurpose kitchen scissors. Hmm. What to cut the hose with? Ahh, hacksaw. Hacked the hose near a split... then went along the hose looking for where the hose was good, after about three feet with splits every 3 to 8 inches. I gave up. Grabbed a new hose from the shed. It's 30m long, but it's very skinny.... and takes forever to fill up the buckets.

8. Must ring the mower place and get them to pick up the mower. The seat has a broken weld and the cutting deck has something wrong with it, probably a piece of wire caught in the thing. I have no idea what the wire was doing where I was mowing, I had mowed there before and it was fine. Grrr!

I'm sure there's more to note/complain about, but I'm tired!


Anonymous said...

Coming up on my time for colonoscopy, too. Had my 3rd a year ago March, but he said he wanted to see me this year, cuz something he found wasn't...ahem...shaped right? Never had heart trouble. Triclycerides are same as last year, I should give up sugar in my coffee, sweet tea, and CocaCola? I don't think so. Everything else is good, physical-wise.

Hug those pups for me, Kae!

Merilyn said...

Hope all goes well on the Colonoscopy, and the heart clinic [when re-booked]. [I am flatly refusing to go back ever].
No wnder Floyd was spooked, anyone would be with a large snake.
Memo do not start mower near fences or gates.
Apart from that batten down for more rain, [might be a good thing to remove storm damaged package from shed and claim on insurance], and take care.

P.S. Hi Meg and Floyd

cav said...


It's nuthin' compared to drinking that lime flavoured seawater

Anonymous said...

Cav, I don't mind any of the prep...except not being able to EAT! What I used to have trouble with was the reaction to the anesthesia - I puked for 2 days after. Now, I've found a surgery centre that doesn't use demerol, and I'm right as rain after, except for being HUNGRY.

Shelley said...

5. Stormwater through shed has damaged some flat pack furniture which is yet to be assembled. I hope it's not growing.....

I hope it's a DIY flat pack kitchen that grows into a megga bucks granite fitted one!

Rather you than me going through that flooding and cyclone. I grew up with them. Every time I hear the area described as a war zone I remember the movie line 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning' and want to clobber the reporter.

Best wishes for the all clear on the colonoscopy prairiecat55kc

kae said...

Prariecat, hi!
Good luck with your bum-cam. My lipids are OK, even though I'm a butter/steak girl. Yum.

Merilyn g'day
The heart thing is ongoing, I have what's called SVT, an extra electrical pathway in the heart. The doc's tried to ablate it twice, but it's hard to reach. Next time fer shure.

I've had glycoprep, which is awful, three litres of the sweet dishwater. Awful. After the first 250ml you think "this is easy, it's not so bad", but when you get to 750ml (three glasses), you just don't know how you'll hold the whole 2 litres down. Then the next morning you bounce out of bed and have to drink another litre. Yerk!
I've had picoprep, it wasn't so bad, two glasses and a coupla pills. But they won't give you that if you're over 50- bugger!
This time it's moviprep. I hear it tastes like flat lemonade. I can't wait to drink two litres of that crap.

Not eating isn’t a problem for me, I have no appetite with the heart drugs I’m on.

LOL! Your comment about the flat pak turning into a super duper kitchen had me laughing (and MDFD, too!)
Thanks – I can hope.