Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flash Flood, Warrego Highway on the range 10 Jan 2011

I received this photograph of the upside of the Warrego Highway on the range. It was taken at the saddle just before the last climb to the top of the range at Toowoomba. I was shocked.There was very little warning of this flash flood from the same storm cell which flooded Toowoomba (not the same water though as that floodwater would flow west from Toowoomba).

Imagine the deaths if this flash flooding had occurred in the night - as it was people were surprised by the flood in the early afternoon.


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There are people who saw it at the bottom of the range where it crossed the Warrego at Withcott and they are sure that there were more cars swept away... and they wonder about the people in the cars, if they survived, if they've been found.

Minicapt said...

That kind of excitement never occurs are here.


Merilyn said...

Good lord! You don't muck around up there, when you have a flood, you have A FLOOD!
Was thinking if cars were washed off there they wouldn't have much chance.

kae said...

I'm sure that those involved would have preferred the quiet life!

The water is flowing down the two up lanes of the Warrego Highway. The concrete barrier in the middle is to stop cars from crossing the median and travelling into oncoming traffic. The other side of the "drain" between the concrete barriers is the down lanes of the highway.

If I'm up that way I'll try to take a photo of the site without water.