Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood evacuation confusion

People are being told that they should evacuate if their property went under in the 1974 floods.

So, how does someone who wasn't living there in 1974 find out where the floodwaters rose to?

The records are at the library, not accessible by internet.

How does one find out?


Nilk said...

Google is your friend. Report by the Director of Meterology on the Brisbane Floods, 1974

It's a pdf, and quite interesting.

Let me know if this helps.

Nilk said...

And stay safe.

Mehaul said...

Kae, I've lost your mobile no. Pse text it to me. Thanks. Don't do anything stupid in the name journalistic heroism.

stackja1945 said...

How does one find out?

Ask Joolya. She is a know it all.
She will announce something useless soon too.
By the way is the NBN waterproof?

Kae, you stay safe and dry.

stackja1945 said...

Thank you Nilk.

Caz said...

Is your area on the "in danger of flooding" list Kae? They seem to be doing a reasonable job of warning people, but of course, Tawoomba had no warning.

Unbelievable what's happening up there.

Do keep safe and don't try to cross any water ... you know the drill.


kae said...

I was thinking some kind of topographical map...


Wand said...


Here's another report that lists the river / creek levels for the 74 floods and other time across various (all?) areas by region - tables 9.3 - 9.8. Hope it is useful. Cheers Wand

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Kae, thoughts from afar from WA to the plight of Queenslanders in the current demonstration of the Power of Gaia (or Mother Nature, the snakey old bitch, depending on your point of view).

Stay safe, please, and let the hounds inside if it gets too soggy outside, even if they do mess up the carpets and consider it a lifelong precedence.

No doubt there will be some help needed in coming days and weeks and I would appreciate your advice where I can send a few dollars where it will be most needed, not to the bloody international spongers like happened with the Aceh debacle.

kae said...

The Premier is canvassing donations... I wouldn't trust her with my child's pocketmoney!

St Vinnies is looking after donations of goods... not sure where the Salvos are.

Anonymous said...

Aha - kae's about.

I'm looking in for the very same reason mentioned by "Mehaul" above - because, whilst she's a smart girl she's also an inquisitive little buggar!

Use the long range lens for the detailed photos of galloping creek beds and limit the commentary to what you see from squinting distance! Please.


Mick Gold Coast QLD

Anonymous said...

Stay safe Kae.

And for others, donations to Salvos here:

Click on 'make general donation' and then fill in details (including where you want your donation to go e.g. Queensland floods).


thefrollickingmole said...

Found this on the government site, but its bloody hard to interpet because theyve left the key to the map out!

If you know the areas you might be able to work it out roughly though.

Keep your powder dry anyway., Good luck.