Monday, January 10, 2011

Incredible flooding in Toowoomba

Two women have drowned. The news footage is amazing. The Toowoomba water supply dams which were nearly empty and hadn't had much rain now have the floodgates open.

Looking from Margaret Street south to Grand Central Shopping Centre, the water is following the railway lines, where the white van is. The fettlers will be busy when the water subsides.

Looking from Grand Central back toward the place where that last shot was taken.

Bowen and Russell Streets, Toowoomba.


Merilyn said...

Good photos Kae, having driven through there it is quite unbelievable to see the streets like that.
I feel so sorry for those flooded out and for the lose of loved ones.

kae said...

Not my photos, sent to a friend at work by their relative.

I've just been woken by a thunderstorm - a doozie! I've looked at the rain gauge and there's about 60mm in it just overnight - I emptied it yesterday evening and it was 50mm.