Monday, January 17, 2011

Mongrel act

A soldier from Enoggerah was attacked on the Gold Coast over the weekend. Joe Arnold, 22 and a veteran of East Timor and Afghanistan with 6RAR, is on life support and has not regained consciousness after he was attacked by three men in Surfers Paradise.

Earlier an intellectually impaired couple were attacked by three men and it is suspected that these are the three who attacked Pte Arnold.

Three men are being sought by police.

More here.

What is it today with mindless violence? What is driving this from our youth? Have they become desensitised by television, or other things? I'm sure there wasn't this level of mindless violence twenty, thirty, forty years ago.


Merilyn said...

Hope all three are caught, but watch what will happen when they go to court.
You are right there was not that level of "mindless" violence 20, 30,40 years ago.

stackja1945 said...

We used to have police and courts to control the violent, but now liberties must be allowed. Most of the violent are fairly recent arrivals. The left would call the deportation of these violent people a return to the White Australia Policy.

stackja1945 said...

A previous handling of a violent man.
"One night a New Zealander of the machine-gun squadron was disturbed by an Arab pulling at a bag which served him as a pillow. Springing up in his shirt, he chased the native through the camp and out on to the sand-hills, shouting to the picquets on the horselines as he ran. As he overtook the native, the man turned, shot him with a revolver through the body, and escaped. The New Zealander died as the picquets reached him. "