Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aftermath - Grantham - travelling down the range 10.2.11

Down the highway from Toowoomba. Roadworks are ongoing and there are delays wher the highway is single lane to allow the road to be fixed. This is near the bottom of the range closer to Withcott.

The creek close to the Warrego highway before Withcott. Looking at the damage and debris (sorry, we were travelling quite fast when I took these photos). It was quite sad to see clothing, curtains, whitegoods and other things festooned through trees.

Tomato Land on the left. Roadworks are continuing at this intersection, too.

Debris piled up against trees, the creek is some distance away from here.

Helidon, before the bridge where the old road turns off to Grantham and the highway takes the Gatton bypass.

The little park on Helidon Creek, just before the bridge. All the amenities, toilet block, picnic tables, etc, have been washed away - they've replaced the dirt, too. Apparently it was all washed away.

More debris and you can see the height of the water. (Sorry about the quality!)

The creeks are much wider than they used to be.

On the flat, well almost, headed from Helidon to Grantham. The water here would have easily been over the top of the car, and the creek is quite a distance away, and the road is quite high. Again, you can see the debris caught against trees and fences.

Welcome to Grantham...


Merilyn said...

Don't know what happened to my comment, however, will start again.
Well done on the photos Kae, since you took them from a moving car, you have shown us the homes of people who must be heart broken to have to start all over again, but they will, that is what being an Aussie is all about.

Merilyn said...

Sorry Kae my error, was so busy looking at the photos that I didn't notice the break in between.
They are very good photos, have shown them to Bob and he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
We thought it was bad here after our storm, but that was nothing in comparison.

kae said...


These are only the things I could see from the road, there is one photo in the down set where you can see the railway bridge in the background.

I am amazed at the volume of water which filled this area and did this damage.

I had a filling and extraction this morning, $417 lighter. Owch!
Loaded with antibiotics and some prescribed pain killers.

Merilyn said...

Ouch is right. Do you have dental cover as well?

kae said...

Yes, Defence Health paid $204.

I'm sure I remember when the amount I had to pay was less than a third.