Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hansard - Federal Representatives - Hunt - Carbon Tax


Hansard search for Garnaut (page 67, at the top of the page, not the PDF page number).

Mr HUNT (Flinders) (3.37 pm)—As of today we know two things about the impact of the government’s carbon tax on the cost of living. First, in the first year alone it will be an additional $300 hit per family. That figure will rise. Within three years it will rise to a 25 or 26 per cent increase over and above everything else that would otherwise have occurred. Second, we have discovered something of great importance to the Australian public. Prior to today, the government had argued that petrol should not be included in any carbon tax. As of today, petrol is back in the carbon tax. The Treasurer was given two opportunities to rule out petrol from a carbon tax. The Prime Minister could have dealt with petrol within the carbon tax. The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency could have dealt with petrol in a carbon tax. They had multiple opportunities to rule out petrol from a carbon tax, so what Australians know from today is that electricity prices are going up because of this government’s decision, and petrol prices, contrary to everything else the government have said over the last two years, will also be going up. There is over a page
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Hansard search for Garnaut (page 51 is the first page - look at the number at the top of the page, not the PDF page number).

Mr HUNT (Flinders) (2.51 pm)—This Prime Minister talks about conviction, but who said, ‘I rule out a carbon tax’? She did. This Prime Minister talks about conviction, but who said, ‘There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead’? She did. And this Prime Minister today delivered a carbon tax, and that means three very simple things. Electricity will go up by $300 a year—and she knows it. Petrol prices will go up by 6½c a litre—and she knows it. Her credibility will go down and will stay down—and she knows it. What we have had today is a fundamental breach of faith with the Australian people. There is no question as to whether or not this Prime Minister ruled out a carbon tax, and there is no question that what she delivered today is a carbon tax. There is a question about courage, because she does not have the guts to call it a carbon tax, but to make it absolutely clear, we have a carbon tax in every single element. She has broken her election promise, she has breached faith with the Australian people and she has betrayed the Australian people. The simple question is: why did she make the promise on election eve? Why was she so ashamed of the concept of a carbon tax that her one leading pitch to the nation in the last 24 hours before the election was to rule out a carbon tax? Why was that the single thing that she went to the Australian people with in the last 24 hours? It was because she knew that the Australian people did not want to face higher electricity prices and they did not want to face higher petrol prices. That is why she also tapped the member for Griffith on the shoulder when he was Prime Minister and said, ‘On this whole ETS thing, I care so much about climate change; let’s just put it off.’ She made sure that it was postponed.

There is a fundamental issue before the House today, and that is why this motion is important. It is about truth and honesty with the Australian people in your most sacred pitch for their support in order to form a government. It was dishonest, it was deliberate, it was deceptive, it was dishonourable and it was a betrayal of the Australian people which has reached its point at the moment today when she announced a carbon tax but did not have the courage to use the term ‘carbon tax’ because she is ashamed of her breach of promise and she is afraid that the Australian people will discover that this means higher prices for electricity and petrol. Let us look at this question of higher prices for electricity and petrol when there is a better way available, not just in Australia but around the world. Electricity prices will rocket up. We saw that this week with the Australian Industry Group report. That report made it absolutely clear that over and above every other additional impact on electricity prices there would be an increase of $300 per family in the first year alone. And from there it goes up: $300 per family is the price of perpetuity for this Prime Minister. What we also know from the work of Professor Garnaut—not us, but Professor Garnaut—is that if a $26 per tonne price were introduced, there would be a 6½c per litre increase in petrol prices. If you are honest, if you are serious, you will acknowledge those price rises today. You are raising the price of electricity for families who are already facing electricity price rises. For a Prime Minister who has an argument about markets, you must answer this point: if you add a 62 per cent price rise—


Merilyn said...

What a pity Julia's parents bought her to Australia for health reasons when she was a child, surely they could have taken her to either Italy or Spain, where most Britts go to get over any illness?
They have inflicted this "Welsh Rarebit" on us and now we are reeling from her spite, along with that of Bob Browns lunacy.
Thanks for notes Kae, they are very interesting.

Carpe Jugulum said...

This would have to be the most incompetent government in Oz history.

Can someone please stop these morons steaking my hard earned.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I meant stealing (oh crap)

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

I went to Hansard for a look - thanks for the idea, kae. No-one jumped up and said "You are complete idiots for spending time on this farce, get back to doing what governments are supposed to do - strengthening trade ties with our most powerful neighbours, being financially responsible, seeing to Defence and this immigration mess."

I think as you'd expect of the loons in charge, but I question the Opposition's position and whether they'll do as they ought and disown the whole "need more revenue, let's pretend its the weather" con. I just don't get Tony Abbott's strategy right now.

Alan Jones' "interview" showed that bogan witch up as the deceitful, dishonorable piece that she is. I hope the Labor hard heads drop her over the side swiftly. She's dangerous.

1735099 said...

Not as dangerous as Alan Jones. ACMA found his comments leading up to the Cronulla riots contravened the broadcasting code by being "likely to encourage violence or brutality" and "likely to vilify people of Lebanese background and of Middle Eastern background on the basis of their ethnicity".

Carpe Jugulum said...

Umm..........numbers, what does Alan Jones have to do with Juliar & bob brownistan trying to steal more of my hard earned.

Minicapt said...

For a Progressivistic person, such a comment is a form of self-affirmation. In the absence of such, he is undefined and unrooted.


Anonymous said...

for mine he can be defined and ....!

Merilyn said...

Has anyone else noticed how Julia drones on and on, don't think she even takes a breath, on the Alan Jones audio it is very noticeable.