Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fukushima hype still escalating on MSM

Today, as per usual, the talking noddy bimbo head (Layla McKinnon) is hyping up the nuclear holocaust in Japan... Speaking with a Professor Hinde, who gently punched down any attempts to get him to hysterically hype the "emergency", she still kept trying to elicit some "scare" comment from him.

They asked Professor Hinde about reports that radioactive readings were being found on the west coast of the USA. Prof Hinde said that there is radioactivity all around us.

Prof Hinde was also asked about the brave heros at the reactor power station who were working on restoring power and keeping the place safe. "Will they get sick from radiation poisoning, will they die?" His reply was a mild rebuff "No." Then, paraphrased "The dose of radiation they are permitted to receive is so small they won't even notice it. There will be no lasting danger. In fact, the chances of anyone being diagnosed with cancer is about 20%. This indicent will increase that chance to 21%."

Then cross to "Our man in Tokyo", who was asked about how people were taking the nuclear emergency. "Is there panic?" The answer in the negative was received along with the explanation of Japanese stoicism.

Oh. Please. Spare. Me.

Newsflash: An advert for 60 Minutes is actually reporting on m.... m..... mmmmmmm OMG, I can't believe it...

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