Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new tradition of equality

is established right before our eyes!
The appointed female co-chairman, Josephine Bourne, will bow out after the election. She said: "The roles of men and women are equally appreciated in the traditional cultural context and it is not the same as the Western context, where there was male dominance."
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Please excuse my cynicism.


Anonymous said...

I read it I but don't believe I see it.

Almost like the religion of p..., "The rights of women are written into the holy book"

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

It’s a silly name for a start – “National Congress of Australia's First Peoples.” When did “peoples” become a better plural than “people”?

A few years back I read an account on of a 4 wheel drive trip up north entitled “The LTD04 Tour” in which the extraordinary good fortune of a land council “Black Prince”, Yunupingu, is recounted side by side with descriptions of the extraordinary poor fortune of his people. It’s worth a read, for those who have no idea beyond what they read in the inner urban coffee shop.

There’s lots more about Yunupingu and assault and fraud charges here He’s an Australian of the Year, no less. :)

This is yet another opportunity for a self selected few to get their noses right into the taxpayer funded trough, in the fashion of an ATSIC commissioner, and when it folds in a few years time the kids in the remote towns will not be one bit better off and are just as likely to themselves be embarking on a bit of molestation, intimidation and thieving.

They rattle on about women being suddenly equal while somewhere remote another one is copping a drunken belting. They assure themselves their ethics committee is going to miraculously launch honour and truth. I wonder if snarling magistrate Pat O’Shane’s brother, Terry, will head that one, or ATSIC deputy chairman Ray Robinson?

At his fraud trial in about 2005, dealing with misappropriation of ATSIC funds, prosecutor “Mr Hunter put it to him (Robinson) that records from the Brisbane casino showed he had spent $4.3million from January 2001 to August 2004.”

Our Terry’s idea of what ATSIC commissioner entitlements include is at His sister said at the time something along the lines “a lot of women manufactured stories against men.”

After a lifetime watching this creative mob of spivs and urgers, from Moss Cass onwards, I have really tired of their interminable whingeing and self imposed physical and moral poverty that keeps them in work. The amount of money thrown at them could have put tens of thousands through school, apprenticeships, uni and beyond if they’d bothered.

The latest Labor government wheelbarrow load built a handful of houses at several hundred thousand each and a bureaucracy costing $10 million, which is now being dismantled. So it’s never going to improve.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mick.

If people like you an I who happened to work with-for the department were listened to, maybe things would be different.

The waste I saw going on is unbelievable.
I wanted to use a different word but ... better not!

On the other hand I don't think it would change anything, too much money is involved, and when it comes down to it, those who control the money don't give a rat's about the people.

As you said, if just a fraction of the money would be directly used to better the lives of the "peoples"
things would be different.

Won't happen in my lifetime and I'm only 45!


Been there, seen it.

Minicapt said...



Merilyn said...

Take a bow Mick, can't top that, except to say saw quite a bit when in W.A. cars meant nothing to them, they wrote off a car and had a new one, no problem, then again had a very good neighbour who was a very hard worker both he and his wife and he used to shake his head at how "stupid" [their words] the Government were, when they should surely have been able to see that the money was NOT going to those that really needed it.

stackja1945 said...

Jennifer Stefanac looks a bit pale.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Aw shucks, thanks Merilyn.

While this mob are merrily pithing our taxes up against the wall I had to, this morning, sit with a mate to hear about his circumstances - flying well 'til 3 years ago, no contract work since December, 3 months behind today on a $200,000 mortgage and almost certain to have his home sold by the bank. At near 60 years old.

He'll hit the grog and then the marriage will be next. Bloody awful.

I could not assist - all our efforts are directed at ensuring the several businesses and practices of the children down south are well shored up.

I was able to do some good recently, though, providing the most excellent advice to Miss Kae on her letter box problem. :)

Merilyn said...

Talking about equality saw over at Bolta's blog about Quentin Bryce [GG] and Joe Hockey saying they need a 30% quota for women.
This is so patronishing, most women like to get where they are in life through their own hard work, skills and on merit.
Do we take it that Quentin Bryce only arrived as a woman to a top job on a 30% quota?

kae said...

Probably, she certainly didn't get the job on merit and skill.


Oh wait...

Merilyn said...

Kae, lol.

Anonymous said...

Pity Mick and friends haven't done their research...more unhelpful bias from people who are too lazy to learn. I wonder if any of you have ever done anything to help a group of people in your community?? You all sound ignorant to me.

"Peoples" refers to more than one group of people with distinct cultural and social identities. You obviously are not aware that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are made up of well over 200 different nations of people. Oh thats right you were probably educated by a biased Western education system.

Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are tax payers too and before that they did not even receive payment for their labour and contribution to this country's economy. I am not crying poor bugger me here...just stating the facts...which are so conveniently missing from the core curriculum in our schoools and that really shows through your commentary.

I dare you to make a commitment to learning and I hope you never give up on your community when they need you to help out.

kae said...

Nations? That's a bit grand. They were tribes, and many in positions of power and financial strength still display tribal behaviours, looking only after their own tribe or family.