Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peter Harvey describes symptoms of radiation poisoning

On Nine Early News - just in case you've just returned from Japan and you're feeling nauseous, have a headache, are losing your sense of touch, with your hair falling out... and he was deadly serious.

I think he found them here.

Oh, goodie. If this scare peters out they've got a TB scare in a doctor at a Sydney hospital, the doctor is a paediatrician... oh, and now we're getting the symptoms of TB.


stackja1945 said...

Yes from all the hype.
Have a headache? Yes from all the talk.
Are they losing their sense of touch, with "reality"? Yes.
With your hair falling out? Yes it is in my genes.

kae said...

Hi Stacks
It's driving me nuts.
What I fear is a case of "crying wolf", when there is a dire emergency and the powers that be need to let us know they'll rely on Mel and Koch and all the other nauseating twits fronting these programs (and the supposed reporters who hype to oblivion any truth which may be in their reports), no one will believe it.

Then we'll be doomed. And it'll be the fault of the idiots who are "first with the news", "on site in all disasters", hyping to high heaven.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Concur, Kae.

Some of these alleged "journalists" should be hanging their heads in shame at the outrageous bullshit being broadcast daily on the MSM.

This is not the time or place to be frightening children and gullible people over nuclear "fallout".

There are tens of thousands of Japanese people missing or dead, hundreds of thousands homeless and hungry, and all these cretins can do is bellow "the sky is falling".

I have lost all of the little remaining respect I ever had for 99% of the media circus.

I hope that in future years this manic drivel comes back to haunt them, in spades.

Merilyn said...

Yep you are all right. This has been way over the top, and you sense the media types are just hoping for the worse. Sickening.

Minicapt said...

Chernobyl deaths due to 'acute radiation syndrome': 47, total. Nine children due to thyroid cancer.
You might check this:


stackja1945 said...

kae, my BS meter tells me who and what to believe. MSM has long made it tick and so I ignored MSM. I seem to keep up to date without the need for the MSM.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Good evening Kae thanks for the email & support, a short note from myself & Lady jugulum.

Good evening and thank you for your good wishes, from someone you have never met (but many have emailed), it is appreciated. The 2 boysturned up about 120km inland in the mountains in a small town where they had mutual friends. They arrived separately a couple of days apart. (Don’t ask, it made sense to them)

Ai-bon contacted us from a relief centre at Kamaishi a couple of days ago, she apologised for not contacting sooner but she had lost her phone and had to wait to borrow a mobile. (that may sound a bit odd but trust me it makes sense)

Wednesday was a night of celebration, father in law was suitably well oiled (in private) and ma in law was pissed as &called me Kuri-kun,thats a keeper, (cheers from Carpe you will never live that down)

What i do know is that wireless internet & mobile phone came back online fairly quick, the initial loss was more from overload on services than loss of contact.

So at the moment the boys should be home by Tuesday, getting Lady Jugs sister home is going to be difficult mainly because at Kamaishi there are no logistics, no trains, busses or ferries and the towm basically is’nt there any more, but to quote lady jugs “work hard – fight” (that would get put on a report card when she was a kid to motivate students).

To bing & Kae, et al thanks for your support, Domo, domo origato


Carpe & Lady Jugs