Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bolt's court case

The end of free speech? Do we need a Bill of Rights?


Is this backpedalling?

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stackja1945 said...

kae, they the Green-Left demand free speech but deny it others. Australia needs a US style Bill of Rights not some Green-Left version.

Merilyn said...

Freedom of speech is under great strain these days, people seem to bite their tongue more, if you ask them a question about certain events taking place in this country, they tend to look over their shoulder before giving an answer, and that is just plain wrong.
Hope all goes well for Andrew Bolt.

El Cid said...

DEBATING THE BILL OF RIGHTS: What No Government Should Refuse,
or Rest on Inference

"Inference" one word definition: Chaos. :)

Personally, I believe what Mr. Bolt is going through, is just as damn stupid, as what Levant and Steyn went through in Canada but what the hell do I know.

The U.S. is still debating the Bill of Rights, if you choose to call union intimidation, "debating".


If burning the queer-anne, is accepted form of a "right", while burning the American flag is totally acceptable.

Good wishes, Australia.