Thursday, April 14, 2011

In a nutshell - free speech is worth fighting for

Will this criticism be silenced along with Andrew Bolt - this criticism from a black Aboriginal of white Aboriginals? Read the last paragraph!

Another interesting article.


stackja1945 said...

kae, Green-Left black will always get more than real black. Remember ATSIC gravy train? Hindmarsh Bridge?
Your Word Verification: beheada
Seems appropriate too.

kae said...

Still waiting to hear the result of this:

stackja1945 said...

kae, Ray got lots of sugar. But will probably be let off as poor black fella.

kae said...

Hi Stacks
They were supposed to be considering their verdict the other day, the result is long overdue... I checked yesterday and found nothing.
Did you hear of a result (save my googling, I'm reading the letters written in support of Marcia Langdon's piece in the Aus re: Behrendt & Price.


kae said...

This from the person with the attitude that taxpayer money paid to ATSIC supported organisations is theirs to spend as they please (his to spend as he pleases). Anything purchased with those funds is his to dispose of as he pleases, and the proceeds are his to dispose of as he pleases.
Not nearly a strong enough message for this fraud.

And I can't believe the silly photo accompanying the article.