Friday, April 22, 2011

Mouldy boots

My old boots, Blundstone and some of the last Aussie made ones, have  gone mouldy. Damn. I'll have to get some bootpolish to go over them. I am  allergic to the mould which grows on leather it brings me up in an awful rash, similar to my allergy to nickel and band aid adhesive. The leather has gone mouldy but the boots weren't wet. I've had mouldy leather Indian toe sandals in the past and that's how I know I'm allergic to the mould. I just hope it's not inside the boots or I'm gonna have to find me some long socks to wear.


Pedro the Ignorant said...

I highly recommend Dubbin to treat your boots, Kae.

It will soften and waterproof the leather, and extend the life of the boots. If you have the good old Aussie made Blunnies, they are well worth the trouble to maintain rather than replace.

New Blunnies are El Cheapo junk, IMO.


kae said...

Hi Pedro, how goes it with you?
I bought the boots about ten years ago when I had to start working in the yard (and when I was still able to do all the yard!). Speaking with the bootmaker I talked about my Colorado shoes which had come unstitched. He said they're crap since they've been manufactured in China, he's had lots he's needed to repair becuase of manufacturing faults. He also mentioned that Blundstone had gone off shore to China and they'd become rubbish, too. It was recent at that stage. He had one pair of boots in my size made in Australia so I snapped them up. They're still in the box and may get used if I can't get the elastic in the old ones replaced (after I Dubbin them and get rid of the mould).

1735099 said...

You can't beat R M Williams even if you have to take out a loan to buy them. I have a pair I bought in Mt Isa in 1993. They're relegated to the shed now, but they're still sound, and great for mowing etc.