Monday, April 18, 2011

Pensioners - vote for the ETS and you'll get more money

She was just talking with John Burgess on ACA. Burgess was asking what she was going to do about the pittance that pensioners were living on.

She said, paraphrased, that 'lectricity is going to rise more and, when the ETS comes in pensioners will find that they will get more money back.


My Aunt and Mum were discussing the plight of pensioners with the cost of electricity rising all the time. My Aunt pointed out that pensioners living as they do on very limited income, would cut back on their electricity usage - I read recently about pensioners who think they're saving money on electricity by turning off their hot water systems, and I've heard of pensioners turning off their water to their hot water system to keep their bills down. There are problems with these practices.


Merilyn said...

Ever get the feeling that this government doesn't really care about people, only concerned about themselves and staying in power?

Minicapt said...

Oh, they care about people, especially those 'less well off'. Unfortunately their definitions are too elastic, and often capture government workers in the group needing assistance. Then some who should qualify, are sidestepped because they really aren't in need. Our problem is that the community stocks are no longer available for objective 'attitude adjustments'. Members of socialist/environmental parties should be consigned to the stocks regularly or lose their party qualifications.

Then we could discuss floggings.


Ian said...

My God you'd need misplaced faith as a lower income earner to believe that somehow this Government would take with the right hand (Carbon Tax), and give you more back with the left hand in compensation, and should you be daft enough to believe that, it still means if you are not a low income earner you loose. Labors of course thinks a couple made up of 2 Primary School teachers are high income owners