Sunday, May 22, 2011

More reading and listening...

At Bishop Hill, Oreskes and Dr Karl.

I heard an interview of Naomi Oreskes by Richard Fidler during the week. It was totally annoying as Fidler pushed the barrow about none of the climate sceptics being scientifically qualified, they're not climate scientists, or they're not scientifically qualified.

It was so very annoying as they just sounded like their own little circle jerk.

He seems to have forgotten Dr David Evans, ex IPCC, Dr Bill Carter,  Dr Ian Plimer...

What are Al Gore's qualifications? Almost a doctor of divinity, he sounds like Elmer Gantry - lining his own pockets on religion.

Here's a link for you. The radio program is posted in a few parts, this is where you can find part 1.

And here's a link to the Fidler interview with Oreskes.

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Anonymous said...

It chaps my butt that not having a degree means I cannot be fully informed about a subject such as climate change (or economics...or the Middle East Peace "Process"...or education...or any of the other things many insist are better run by properly 'educated' people. If I can read, I can learn about LOTS of things and just because I don't pay someone to 'teach' me doesn't make the knowledge any less useful. Most of the crap AlGore spouts was debunked in my 7th grade science classes by studying geological history of Earth, along with some personal experience, living where I did (a dinosaur-era gold mine).

Sorry, I haven't slept well it a week so this is probably complete gibberish. Elitists piss me off easy enough, MUCH easier when I'm off my feed.