Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RPA Tonight - Electrical fault in the heart

Similar to my SVT - but I've had two procedures similar to this. My problem was an extra electrical pathway in the heart.

First they map the electrical pathways in the heart, this takes time. They stop and start the heart. To start my heart they used a drug called adenisone. In asthmatics this drug triggers asthma.

While they are doing this you are under a weak x-ray, you cannot have more than three hours of this x-ray strength in one year or it can harm your skin. The x-ray is used to place the catheter and the the ablation device. The ablation device is what they use to burn the extra electrical pathway.

The first time I was conscious until I was tired of it, then I asked them to knock me out a bit more. Although afterward I felt like I'd been hit in the chest by a bus, I recovered quickly from the anaesthetic. The asthma was bad for about a week - my fault, wasn't regular with my preventer. Hurt like bricks on my chest when I tried to breathe. The procedure was unsuccessful as they ran out of time to get the pathway high in the heart. But all the mapping was done.

The second time I was completely knocked out for three hours, and by golly, the anaesthetic really does knock you around! It took me a few weeks to get over it! The asthma pain wasn't as bad, but the anaesthetic after affects were not good. Fuzzy brain. Again, the procedure was unsuccessful as high in the atrium was a part of the excess electrical circuit which they couldn't reach with the ablation catheter - it just doesn't bend back up that way.

Next time they'll be going through the heart and approaching from the other side of the septum, the dividing flesh between the two top chambers of the heart. It's called a trans-septal puncture, and they'll ablate the little bit which needs exing!

Fortunately, I haven't needed a pacemaker. And won't!


bruce said...

It's 'the way we live now' Kae. Lots of people I know have similar problems. And you sound like you're in very good hands. Best of luck and try to enjoy it - being drugged and fussed over by experts can be kewl.

Merilyn said...

Keep your chin up Kae, we are thinking of you.......and as Bruce says let them fuss over you, and if there are any ummm good looking Nurses [male] behave yourself.

kae said...

I won't get done for a while, it was just interesting to see someone with a similar procedure. My next cardiologist appointment is for June... I had to postpone the Feb one for bumcam.

Anonymous said...

Guess there's nothing wrong with my heart, physically. My bumcam is set for 20May. Best friend says she can arrange her schedule so she can deliver me and then take me home, which is a relief to know. Everyone else I thought of to ask seemed like an imposition and I"ve been much accused lately of being completely selfish, so came down to a short list of anyone I'd ask. Thought of taking cab, but the staff won't allow that.

Lotta women I know have heart things, Kae. My Favorite Cousin had quad bypass 5 yrs ago. #1 killer of women, y'know, isn't breast cancer. Heart disease/ disfunction kills more than the top 5 cancers, I think I read? Whew.

kae said...

Hi prairiecat (you having an identity crisis?)

I'm fine. Someone else emailed me to ask if I was OK, and reassure me that medical procedures these days are fine.

I think I may have misled. I'm fine. I see the cardiologist on 5JUN11 - oh wait, got a change chit today, 12JUN11. Guess there's people sicker'n me. It's just the post post procedure check up and "where do we go from here" assessment.

The best thing for my heart would be a bit of romance!!*

Anyway, I found out yesterday that I have arthritis in my left wrist, near my thumb. It bloody hurts, Harry!

I emailed mum to tell her about it and got a call from her.
She said "I guess it's age, lovvie. You're falling apart."

It almost sounded like gloating! She didn't need any medication or treatment for any age things or blood pressure or anything until a few years ago. She'll be 76 in July! Gloating (but she did lose her teeth to gum disease at 19, I still have all but 4 of mine, two out at 19 to make space for the front two, and two out in the last few years due to decay under fillings).

I mentioned my mum's gloating reaction to a friend as "I guess, to my mother, sympathy is word in the dictionary between shit and syphillis**".

*Two chances of that, Buckley's and none.
**Mum laughed when I told her that.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Ooooh aye! They're pretty good at this heart stuff, with their super duper technology and all.

Nonetheless, kae, bon chance!

Anonymous said...

Nah, no identity crisis, Kae - that's what WordPress signs in as, I guess. Looks like I'll have to start signing each entry with "kc" so folks know it's me!

Didn't think you were off, slightly remembered your post about the cardio thing some time ago. Good friend has a skippy little thing with her heart but HAD 2 till a procedure nearly a year ago. Fixed one, but not the other, don't remember why...

Tough ol birds, that's our mums, and what I strive to be also. But MY MUM's dad didn't die from colon cancer, MINE did. Haven't had the female stuff done in 5 years or so. Hate mammo & pap more than the oscopy!

Off to check out my new weedwhacker! ( kc )

Zardoz said...

My Mom (age 91) has always said that getting old isn't for sissies.

I've reached the age that personal experience indicates that maybe she's understating things. Everything either hurts or doesn't work like it used to...I'm not sure I like this game.

kae said...

Thanks Mick!

KC's got a new toy!!

Hi Zardoz, yeah, gettin' old's not for sissies.
Mum's Mum was 93 when she popped her clogs (on the sofa in front of the TV - peaceful!), she basically wore out. Mum's got her genes. I've got Dad's Mum's.

Big boobs, arthritis, high blood pressure... she popped her clogs at almost 75 in 1988, Friday a week before Friday before mother's day. It was a stroke a week before. Um, that's today! (Close enough.)