Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cherry Tree Creek murder inquest to be reopened

This will be interesting.

Third inquest into Queensland murder.

Have a bit of a google of all the information about it.


Caz said...

Twenty years of having NOT looked a murderer, don't like the chances of anyone ever being charged. At best, an open finding. Yet another killer out there, having gotten away with it.

kae said...

The suspicion falls upon the husband of one of the women who has taken up with his step daughter...
Stranger things have happened, but the step daughter was about 14 I think when her mother was murdered.

It bugs me that the police investigation wasn't conducted properly.

Caz said...

Yes, I know, but what chance of getting him charged, let alone convicted now?

This case always reminded me of the absurd bungling of the murder of a Victorian woman, with the case promptly closed by police and declared suicide, despite multiple gun shot wounds. Decades later, it was impossible to do anything other than murky things with identification of possible suspects, none of whom would ever be charged; they still walk free. They (or he) got away with it.