Friday, August 26, 2011

On ONE - now, undersea pipeline laying

Wow. Just WOW!

A  ship laying the gas pipline under the sea from the drilling rig in the ocean. The pipe laying ship is called the Lorelay. The pipe is laid out 2 miles under the ocean,  and each day Lorelay lays 3 miles of pipe. The pipe is welded on the ship... It's amazing.

I need to have a shower, but this is way too interesting. I will have to make another cup of tea!

Update: But wait, there's more... more ships in this program...


Anonymous said...

Must be different programming up there kae?

Is this the one where they have to use precise positioning to connect the pipes?

If so, seen it, very interesting stuff, the mind boggles sometimes of what we are capable of doing, and all of it goes on in the background without any fanfare, while stupid politicians argue about a piddling 0.6C temp increase over a century?



Anonymous said...

Politicians who - unlike the trained operators on that ship - have no business experience or training in economics. Often their ONLY accomplishment is that they were in the finest schools, and did ok. Piffle.

The men on that ship have my admiration! Awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

Oh, blast...

MEANT to say no scientific training or education or experience, either.

Maybe I need to go to bed early tonight...