Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Spring!

OK, it's Spring in Australia. Hurrah. It was a cool winter, colder than the past two when I haven't needed to get out of bed at 5am to go to work...

I'll try to dig out some photos for you, spring-images!

(September is my favourite month... )

I have an abundance of birds in my area. I love the butcherbirds and I've been trying to get the few around home on film calling eachother, but the little blighters go silent (or I push the wrong button on the rotten camera and don't start the video... arrgh). Here are some birds which others have recorded.  (It seems there is a bit of confusion about which are maggies and which are butcherbirds, there's a guide to identifying them which I found yesterday and can't find now... arrgh! It goes on their white markings.)



Butcherbird imitating others


Magpie eating out of hand

Magpies eating the cat’s food



Merilyn said...

Kookaburra's are a rare sighting in the area I live, here in S.A., so enjoyed that video, thanks Kae.

Anonymous said...

I love Spring and Autumn. I can stand Winter, but glad I don't have to stand Montana winters anymore. Winter in NEFL is akin to autumn in Montana. Love it. But these Florida summers are awful and I don't like them even a little. However, it, too, shall pass - cooler (69F) this morning, got sheets hanging on the line for the first time since May! C'mon, AUTUMN!

missred said...

i love that our seasons are opposite!

Minicapt said...

…going to the birds.