Thursday, September 29, 2011

I hope

I hope I put my $10 worth of chicken thigh fillets back in the fridge when I forgot to bring them home from work.

If not I'll have some stinky chicken on my desk in the morning.... ick.

Floyd is great, Meg is still dumb, work is very busy with a curriculum review throwing my timetabling all over the joint... the garden is blooming.

Scarlett is doing fine with my ex. If I was still married to him it would have been our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday!!

G'night all.

No bad smell... got the chicken out but needed a bag to carry everything in (had to chuck out the original bag 'cos the chicken juice leaked into it), so put the chicken back into the fridge. Thank heaven! Dinner tonight and tomorrow night. Green curry! Yum.


Merilyn said...

Good morning Kae, just dropped over for morning tea, gosh what is that smell? Not overnight chicken left on a desk one hopes? Heh er Ha have a good day.

[Don't worry about it is just another senior moment]. It is like putting the milk in the cupboard and the sugar in the fridge.

cav said...

Quite an exciting life you have there Kae

Merilyn said...

Cav, are you also known as Cavaletta?

Kae does lead an exciting life doesn't she?

cav said...

No Merilyn.

'Cav' is short for my surname: Cavanough. I am descended from Owen Cavanough who was the first man to step ashore at Sydney Cove.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Won the Friday night meat tray at the Samford pub one summer a few years back, didn't I.

Into the boot of the car parked out near the horse mounting yard, then back in to get pithed on Wild Turkey, got a lift in for more of the same on Saturday and didn't return 'til Sunday morning to collect the vehicle, didn't I.

Kidding I wasn't in strife with the neighbour's daughter and dear little friend (who I used drive to work) on Monday morning. She took Mr Famous Executive's keys and credit card to arrange cleaning before she collected me for the trip home that afternoon.