Monday, October 24, 2011

How big is your fridge?

Some people seem astounded when they see/find out how big my fridge is. I have a 610L, side by side fridge freezer. My old fridge was 510L with a freezer on top but it wasn't big enough.

People just don't understand that up here in Queensland, with ants and other bugs, and summer days that are often over 36C inside, and also living alone, it is necessary to have a big fridge. Everything goes in there, fruit and veg as well as groceries!

Flour doesn't last long in the cupboard, it will get weevilly, jams and so on (low sugar ones) will moulder quickly so they're kept in the fridge. Storing other groceries in the fridge lengthens their life, too.

Gosh I need chocolate.  I might have a glass cold milk with hot choc mix in it.


Skeeter said...

You are right, Kae.
In the sub-tropics, big fridges and freezers are essential, especially if you live more than about 10 km from the nearest shop.
Most food items, even Vegemite and peanut butter, go into our fridge as soon as the package is opened.
To calm the weevils, our bread flour, bought in 10kg bags, goes into one of the two freezers. Space is also needed for a couple of leggas — and other joints — ready to roast when the kids visit.
I can't imagine how people can cope with a small fridge. Where do they stick all the photos of their grandchildren?

Skeeter said...

Fridge gallery

kae said...

Yes, Skeeter, absolutely!

For foreign, non Strine-speaking readers a legga is a legga lamb, same as a rackoff is a rackoff lamb.

I haven't even gone into the chest freezer, bar fridge and new upright mini freezer (to replace the chest which I might fall into one day - okay, I lie, that's not going to happen, it's always too full for that!).

Merilyn said...

Yep we have two fridges here [being in a country area] and both are full.

Photos are all around my computer. Have knick-knacks on the fridges from various grandchildren, and notices for different jobs that have to be done and those who will do it.

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

610 litres? Our 1955 green Frigidaire ice chest isn't that big - maybe 35 if we're lucky.

Oh I know, you can laugh all you like, but it was in good shape when me Mum died and you don't have to plug it into anything. My brothers and sisters reluctantly let me claim it as my inheritance. They even delivered it to me 'n all.

After we'd all married I recall Mum saying "But I can only fit half a pound of butter, a pint of milk, a packet of Kraft cheddar cheese and some leftover dripping from the last night’s dinner."

We had a family meeting and told her to "Stop yer whingeing, what about all the starving people in Africa?"

Anonymous said...

If I'd known my kids were moving back in, I'd have bought a bigger fridge. Now they're gone, I'm just starting to get used to the size. Have a chest deep freeze that's just barely big enough - hey, chickens & ribeyes were on SALE!

Have to have side-by-side, or wouldn't be able to open it if the dishwasher's open. Tiny kitchen, dontchaknow...

BEEootiful Granddaughter plays with the magnets on the fridge, & has begun hanging her artwork there "all by my self."

Next time, I buy big as I can afford!

Boy on a bike said...

Friends of mine, who used to own a kitchenware shop, have two fridges bigger than that in their place.

Biggest problem is stuff getting lost up the back. Fridges need to be wider, but shallower.