Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hurt feelings

From the judgement of Justice Bromberg in the Eatock v Bolt case:
At the core of multiculturalism is the idea that people may identify with and express their racial or ethnic heritage free from pressure not to do so.
It is great for people to identify with their racial or ethnic heritage as long as that racial heritage doesn't admit them to a neverending stream of publicly funded benefits.

The way to stop this is to cease racially based welfare. Those who need assistance should receive it. Someone living in the city with the benefits and the opportunities available to every Australian should not be entitled to any extra benefit or opportunity based on their self identified race.

I wonder if Justice Bromberg's finding quoted above considers some of the cultural activities of some groups which are incompatible with, and unacceptable in, our communities?


bruce said...

"At the core of multiculturalism is the idea that people may identify with and express their racial or ethnic heritage free from pressure not to do so."

So the de-Nazification of Germany was wrong, then?

Mordy's a foolish twit.

Merilyn said...

"Mordy's a foolish twit", yep agree with you Bruce.

Well said Kae.

Tim Blair has written a good article on this subject today as well, [Telegraph homepage].

stackja1945 said...

bruce: how did Bromberg relatives fare under the Nazi heritage?

Carpe Jugulum said...

You know if these fools suddenly decided they self identified as 'Japanese' due to the most obscure strand of their DNA and went to Japan and proclaimed their new found ethnicity in the media to claim benefits only availavble to Japanese citizens, they would be laughed at because it must be a TV show joke or referred to a good doctor because they were mentally ill.

(Disclaimer) Lady Jugulum is Japanese & it is her analogy, i agree with it.

Wand said...

Ah yes, Tim’s article – this post didn’t make it up as didn’t another two to Bolta’s - one about the ozone hole and the other about global warming. Does this mean some people are running scared?

Well written Tim. To think that anyone could read between the lines, take offences and then it's off with her head.

And talking about reading between the lines, I think Lewis Caroll caught the correct procedure.

"'Let the jury consider their verdict,' the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.

'No, no!' said the Queen. 'Sentence first - verdict afterwards.'

'Stuff and nonsense!' said Alice loudly. 'The idea of having the sentence first!'

'Hold your tongue!' said the Queen, turning purple.

'I won't!' said Alice.

'Off with her head!' the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved.

And that, as I see it, pretty well sums up the Bromberg approach. Now I wonder what crime could be construed and attributed to me from reading between the above lines, that is by actually reading the non-lines? How bizarre, how mad and how absolutely dangerous. :bug:

Actually I think reading more from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland gives greater insight.

kae said...

Yes x 5.

Wand, I'm tired of comments not making it. It's been happening for quite a while at Bolt's. They even shoved Elsie out, she used to post links to music on youtube, but they canned it, saying the music videos were breeching copyright. (I would think that the vast youtube empire and the owners of the copyright would have deleted any copyright violating vids.) Elsie vanished for a long time. And there were the pages of comments disappearing.

He doesn't control the comment moderation at all any more.

I hope Tim's site isn't going the same way.

Wand said...

Hi Kae,

Well FWIW, here are the other posts that didn’t make it:

To the thread Their climate models are better I’m sure, I commented:

The problem with the "hole in the ozone layer" is that the hole was not detected until about 1985.

And the hole is not a hole either but a reduction in the ozone concentration over a given area. But the real issue is that we do not know if the ozone hole is only as a result of human activity. Banning CFCs seemed to have an effect but if so, what is the "cause" of the latest change?

So once again human beings (or maybe I should qualify that and say politicians) have reacted to circumstances based on unproven theories. Now does that sound familiar?

And to the thread: Bigger, smaller, more, fewer , I commented:

But but Andrew .... Global Warming does oh so much more.

So much for free expression!

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Along the lines of Carpe Jugulum's comment ... living with one foot in my wife's Asian culture I well know that racism is evident throughout Asia and is not seen as a "bad thing" in any measure.

Mrs Mick's mob simply know they are superior to the lighter / darker skinned illiterates up in the next village, the adjoining province, region and (certainly) anyone beyond their national borders. That's part of normal life, with its roots in antipathies going back centuries.

If one said "You're raaaaacist!" they'd look at you and think "Yeah, of course. So what?"

I was alerted to the factual history of African slavery by a wealthy negro businessman from California a few years back, who spoke of the grand con that has been shovelled at the lazy lot in his country on the lookout for an easy quid.

And that is the sole purpose of our own grievance industry - easy money for the indolent. The lies about Australian history have been reinforced by a phalanx of immature, unprofessional teachers indoctrinating the children for 30 odd years now to ensure the cash flow for no good reason continues.

The end result is the judgement in Bolt's case tying itself in knots to deliver the only possible decision acceptable to the luvvies. It could be turned on its ear on appeal.

As to Bolt's blog - they simply don't print my contributions any more. Responding to comments on the book pillorying Tony Abbott on the weekend I listed a dozen Labor politicians who were Catholic and honorable men - the Stewart brothers, Lionel Bowen, Mick Young and others - and it did not see the light of day. It spoke intelligently and directly to the point.

His campaign (to gain whatever it is that he is seeking) is in trouble on numerous fronts I reckon.

Merilyn said...

Wand.....that was very good, and it was on Tim's post.

Mick, feel that Susan Mitchell doesn't like Catholics very much, so can only take it that she must have been very offended that Paul Keating was a PM since he was a catholic.

Wand said...

An update:

Checked Tim's blog this morning and my Alice in Wonderland comment made it!! It only took overnight for that to happen! Wow -- I'll now check Bolta's to see if my far less "offensive" posts have made it there too!

Anonymous said...

Mick Gold Coast

I agree with both of your points, we are to an extent all racists, and that's the way it should be in my opinion, it would be stupid to support a different tribe against our own, but in general we like to follow the live and let live principle, except the PC brigade won't let us.

And also your point about the posts on Bolt's blog is spot on, I never posted much anyway but lately none of my posts appear, I can occasionally see one from kae but not often.
And surprisingly all the trolls seem to have free access.

I'm weaning myself off his blog.

I too am wondering what AB is up to?
Does he want to be a politician? He'd lose 90% of his current salary and would only be one of the backbenchers anyway, can't see the establishment giving him a chance.


kae said...

Lou Mac!
How are ya?
Send me an email!!
I tried to say hello at Bolt's but the new regime didn't let me...