Sunday, November 20, 2011


MDFD has a Nespresso Citiz and Milk. I always enjoy a coffee at her place.

A while back a friend sent me some money for my birthday (she'd missed a few), and I used it to defray the cost of one of these machines. It arrived a while back and I've just had the chance to unpack and set it up.

I had a decaf last night. Very nice. Thismorning I had coffee and it was delish.

Though I say I'm not a coffee drinker, I do like coffee. Instant is disgusting, just awful, and once a work day I have a cup of coffee at work from the barista's cart.

Now I can have nice coffee whenever I like at home.

It's a simple system and I might find it too easy to use!

Anyhow, if they run out of coffee in heaven maybe I'll get a visit from John Malkovich. (Though I'm informed that he's not doing the adverts this year!)


Carpe Jugulum said...

Have you people never heard of a plunger or drip filter system????

Geez how metro. o_O

Skeeter said...

Daughter has one and it makes great coffee. The hard part is selecting your favourite capsule colour.
The Nespresso capsules are too expensive for us when compared to beans at $14/kg.
But look at what Aldi has gone and done to the market with these prices!

kae said...

Yeah, thanks for that Skeeter. I saw them in the latest Aldi cattledog. I was going to have a moan, ah post about them. Just my rotten luck.
I don't think there's the variety of coffees, and I don't think they'll dent the Nespresso/De Longhi market.

kae said...

And Carpe
I'm allowed to me "metro", I'm a girl and I live in the country!

Any news on the translation?

Anonymous said...

I have an old-fashioned percolator. Regular coffee-makers never made hot enough coffee, and if they did, I couldn't afford them. Friend has one much like this, though, and the coffee was yummy!