Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bird puzzle solution, storm, flood, gratuitous images of Floyd (of course!)

Okay, does this help? This is the second picture from the post before last with an indicator on it.

It's easily as wet or wetter than it was last December. Any rain now flows in the creeks (or in my yard, see photos), the ground it saturated again and it won't take much for more floods. In the past five days there's been about 150mm. Approximately 20mm fell in less than ten minutes in a storm this afternoon and the water flooded around my place.

This is the water squirting back out of the tank!

Rain falling from the gutters between the house and the shed - too much for the gutters to cope with. This causes  the shed to flood.
I'm going to have to put a drain or something between the shed and the house because the water builds  up and gets under the walls of the shed and floods the inside. (I knew there was a reason that nothing was put in certain positions in the shed, but totally forgot it earlier this year when I had help to clean up the shed and carport!)

Yeah, I knew there was a reason why wooden based things weren't put into that corner. *Sigh*.

Water flowing from the front of the house around the side and  down the back. It was still flowing a few minutes after the rain had passed.

A puddle formed at the front. I'm going to have to get the shovel out one day after a storm and make  some drainage for this lot, and at the other side of the house, too.

Nuts and mangoes. I don't think the nuts have been attacked by the macadamia nut moth.

Not sure here what's worrying him.

Ahhh, that's more like it, Floyd!


Merilyn said...

"Don't know what is worrying Floyd", he is probably trying to work out where those birds are too, or hoping the water doesn't come into the section where he sleeps.

Ah he is thinking, the water didn't make it to here, [Second photo] as for the birds ok if you say so Mum, [in the circle]. That is a smile on his face.

cav said...

Aha, I now see the bloody parrot. My day has been fulfilled as I thought there was something missing from my life. Where was Kae's parrot I'd ask myself at 2.00am.

Now I can finally sleep peacefully at night because this question has now been answered!

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Parrott schmarrot!

I've been back four times now and still can't find the useless skinny looking thing!

Fiona of Cairns said...

Are you sure you didn't threaten to wash him Kae? My dogs get exactly that look, even when I spell w.a.s.h.