Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birds, award, too pooped to pop

Friday was the work "Retreat". No comment. However, I will say that I did receive an award for my good humour and smiling face while trying to deal with the burden of timetabling. That was good.

Today the parrots have been partying in the trees outside the carport. Here are some photos...

Find the lorikeets.....

Hint: look for blue and orange close together (the rest of them are the same colour as the frangipani), and note they are not just sitting there, they're sipping the nectar from the eucalypt flowers.

First shot is from a distance away.  They're there, trust me!
Okay, I'll zoom in and see if you can see them... they're in about the centre of the picture, a little to the left.

Okay, well you should be able to see them easily in these next two photos. They squawking and carrying on, you can usually find them by their noise!


cav said...

Were you facing the camera the right way Kae?

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, cav! It's NOT just me!

Merilyn said...

Hand me the magnifing glass, my eyes are to old to see anything.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, you can't find it either. I though I lost my eyesight too.


Anonymous said...

kae said
you can usually find them by their noise!

Ahhh that's what we are missing then.

Thanks kae I think?