Friday, December 23, 2011

Sick Parade - Get well soon!

A couple of my blogfriends have been ill, or have had illness thrust upon them from a close family member.

Sandi M, hope you're feeling better real soon... I didn't know we had red-injuns in Aus!

C of M, hope Mum's on track and all news is good.

S of GC, hope you're finished doing the Molly Meldrum rehearsal stunt double work.

Now, those of you who I have promised something in the mail, sorry, didn't get to the PO. But the miracle will happen in the week between Christmas and New Year holidays - when the PO is open!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Kae.

You're right! Scalped is a much more descriptive term than the rather clinical "skull degloved".


RebeccaH said...

Merry Christmas, Bloodnut!

kae said...

Thanks, RebeccaH
We must have been typing our Christmas Greetings at the same time, see the next post.... SNAP!