Sunday, December 18, 2011

South Pacific lies and betrayal

Survivor. I don't usually watch it because it annoys me. Game shows have always annoyed me. Reality TV of the competitive type annoys me, and there's nothing real about this type of reality TV.

This South Pacific season I have caught a few episodes.

Can't those people see that Coach is playing them all? When will they wake up and vote him off?

I will be very surprised if he wins, either they'll wake up to him or the jury won't let him win.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be part of the human condition - one seldom sees one is being played WHILE one is being played.

Never watched any of the Survivor competitions, get all my info from listening to others who do. I've enjoyed a few episodes of Dual Survival. No competition, just different styles and training. I'm curious, so please let me know how it goes. 8)

kae said...

Hey! Gimme back my glasses, kc!


Merilyn said...

Never watched the show, but it looks like I may have to take refuge here or at James/Tizona for the Summer, until Bolt gets back, Tim's blog has been overtaken by an invasion of trolls.

kae said...

Hi Merilyn

Yes, but I like the look of the new feature "Troll Delay" which Tim's installed.

Should be interesting. Tim likes trolls (just a tiny bit), they're great sport.

Merilyn said...

Ok Kae will go look it up. Thank you. There is one troll that makes my hackles rise, [like my dog's when he don't like someone].